Under the Skin (2013)

/ May 16, 2019

Directed by Jonathan Glazer.¬†Giclee print, 40 x 30″

Jonathan Glazer is not the most prolific feature film director, but I’ve liked all three of his films so far (and many of his very creative music videos). The contrast of realism/surrealism and sensual/callous is really interesting to me. I think it’s a chilling film which unsettled me, such a unique and strange atmosphere throughout.

The theatrical posters used in most regions were designed by Neil Kellerhouse and are excellent, but I love this unused concept by the superb Akiko Stehrenberger. Produced in a small run of 10, this giclee print is on heavy stock paper and is 40 x 30″. Akiko is one of my favourite film poster designers, if you’re not familiar with her beautiful and varied work, her website is

Under the Skin.Concept Quad.A


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