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The Goonies (1985)

/ May 16, 2019

Directed by Richard Donner. Japanese B1 poster, 29 x 41″

The Goonies is a classic 80s adventure which I watched many times as a child. I haven’t seen it in a few years though, so I’m a bit worried it hasn’t aged well. When my kids are a little older, I’ll re-watch with them to see if my love for it is mainly nostalgia, or if they also connect with that sense of fun and heart.

Another masterful painting by Noriyoshi Ohrai for this Japanese poster. The art was also used for the US video poster. An equal to Drew Struzan’s excellent art for the film in my opinion. Ohrai is one of my favourite film poster artists, he was a supremely talented painter and I’m very glad to have collected several of his posters (please search ‘Ohrai’ in the Gallery section to see more). The peerless FilmonPaper has a super write up from an amazing exhibition of Ohrai’s work here

Goonies.Japanese B1.A


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