New Additions

February 2020

An update of around 100 posters, if you want to see the new ones, please search for ‘Feb20‘ in the gallery area. Included are some new Japanese posters, including the B1s for Donnie Darko, Fargo, Lady Vengeance, Porco Rosso and a 90s release poster for The Scarlet Empress. There are also some prints including Tomer Hanuka’s Blade Runner, a couple of prints for the anniversary of Duncan Jones’ Moon and Paul Mann’s beautiful James Bond prints for Dr No and From Russia with Love. Finally, some quads and one sheets such as the International Dolby Cinemas poster for Captain Marvel and an uncommon style for The Neon Demon.

June 2019

A mixed bag of formats this month. I’m really happy to have tracked down ‘A Linch Pin Droid’, a beautiful screen print with glow in the dark inks by Kevin Tong for Mondo’s run of Star Wars prints in 2010. Japanese B1s for Octopussy (art by Dan Goozee), Suspiria and the re-recent 4k re-release of The Deer Hunter. A couple of Tatekan posters for the Female Prisoner Scorpion films, an Italian Photobusta for 2001 (my favourite image from that set) and 2 x B2s for Suspiria with art by Yuko Higuchi. Finally, some soundtrack/art posters by the amazing Noriyoshi Ohrai. Not film posters, but I’ll collect any paper with art by him! If you want to see the rest of the new additions, please search for ‘Jun19‘ in the gallery.


April 2019

A small update of 12 new posters – Japanese B1s for Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs. I’m very fond of Wes Anderson’s films, particularly his attention to detail with regards to production design, which I think these character posters capture really well. My photos are poor, but they’re very sharply printed and look good. I’m not sure if this is a full set or whether there were any more printed…if you know, please message me!


March 2019

A long time since the last update on this page! I have added about 400 posters in the last couple of months though. A few favourites are below. Japanese B1s for The Big Lebowski, The Avengers: Infinity War, Secretary (art by Eguchi Hisashi), Rampage (art by Kouji Tajima) and John Carpenter’s They Live. A scarce one sheet for Bone Tomahawk, which is signed by the director and limited to 100 copies. Roger Kastel’s beautiful art for Jaws as a screen print, released by Mondo and signed by Kastel. A version of Laurent Durieux’s screen print for ‘To Catch a Thief’ which contains credits (the original release only had the title). An International poster for The Iron Giant with some lovely art. A screen print on metal for Blade Runner by Kilian Eng. The Japanese B2 for Star Wars which I have finally got after being the underbidder on 4 or 5 times over the years. An amazing Japanese B1 for Ultraman with art by the peerless Noriyoshi Ohrai – one of my favourite poster artists (please search ‘Ohrai’ in the gallery to see more).

June 2018

Life got a bit hectic so a bit of a gap since the last update. Mainly Japanese posters. 3 out of 4 Kill Bill Vol. 1 character posters (please message me if you have the Gogo style for sale!). The Army of Darkness in this size is pretty scarce. I like the infographic style of Die Hard too.


September 2017

A few new ones…The Witch was one of my favourite horror films of recent years, I thought it was brilliant. The Japanese Thor poster captures the colours and fun of the trailers. I’ve always liked the dynamic perspective on the Manhunter poster. The Temple of Doom poster has been on my want list for many years and I love getting Kill Bill posters I’m missing like this scarce B1.


July 2017

Here are a few recent acquisitions. I’m partial to a character set of posters, so was happy to grab the Beauty and the Beast B1s. I like the difference between the International and the UK One Sheet for GotG Vol 2. The Free Fire poster was for a Q&A screening run in the UK and is signed by the director, Ben Wheatley. The Aliens one sheet is the International poster (no ratings box) and is rolled. The poster with the ‘Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!’ image was from a Russ Meyer festival in Japan, back in 2004.

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